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How To Fund Your Bitcoin Wallet In Nigeria Without Getting Scammed

Now that you might have known /2016/10/how-to-create-bitcoin-wallet.html" target="_blank">how to create a Bitcoin Wallet for free, the next thing that should start coming into your mind is how to fund it without getting burnt by scammers out there.

Actually, creating a Bitcoin wallet is one thing, and getting fund into it is another thing; at least we believe that you will want to make use of your Bitcoin wallet for possible transactions and that was why you created it at the first place.

Creating Bitcoin wallet and doing nothing else with it can be likened to opening a bank account and operating it with zero balance, and hence almost worthless.

The easiest method and the most ways people fund their Bitcoin wallet is by obtaining funds from Bitcoin exchangers.

And thus, since most Bitcoin exchange transactions are being done online, choosing the right Bitcoin exchanger in Nigeria should be paramount to any Bitcoin account holder that intends funding his/her Bitcoin wallet.

And off course, nobody likes getting ripped off of his/her own hard earned cash. Now permit me to preach a little here;

‘Just like the Bible described an enemy as a roaring lion always moving around and seeking for  whom to devour’, many internet Bitcoin exchanger scammers are also moving around on the internet like an adversary, constantly seeking for whom to prey upon.

Since we are completely against any form of online scam, we are going to be using this medium to show you how to fund your Bitcoin wallet in Nigeria, without getting scammed.

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Follow us right away below through the processes of funding your Bitcoin wallet without telling stories that touch the heart, body and soul;

Requirements to funding your Bitcoin wallet

 Bitcoin Address

 Scam free Bitcoin exchanger

Procedure proper

 Log into your Bitcoin account on Blockchain with your wallet ID and password

•  After successful login, click on the wallet menu

 You will see two large buttons displaying Send and Receive

 Click on the Receive button and an address will automatically be generated for you – the address looks something like this 17ax9KilJMogjNYoPddxcrDdTyH and most times starts with the digit 1

 Go to Naira4dollar Bitcoin exchanger and register a free account with them

 On Naira4dollar create a Bitcoin Buy request, and fill in the amount of Bitcoin you will want to buy from them

•  Copy and supply your Bitcoin generated address indicated in similar fashion above on the space provided for it on Naira4dollar; as it is with the address that you will use to receive funds into your Bitcoin wallet, the moment Naira4dollar sends out your fund

 Complete your Buy transaction on Naira4dollar by paying into their bank account with the Naira equivalent of the amount of Bitcoin you want to purchase.

 Notify Naira4dollar with your payment details, using the send Alert feature on their platform

  Finally wait for Naira4dollar to credit your Bitcoin wallet – note that sometimes it can take time for them to fund your wallet, but just be patient with them and be rest assured that Naira4dollar will credit your Bitcoin wallet if you submit the appropriate details.

Precautions Often Worth Taking!

 Always make sure that you copy your right bitcoin address when supplying  it for funding, for it is like your account number

 After every successful transaction with a Bitcoin address, another different address is often generated in your Bitcoin wallet, when you request for it; therefore always endeavour to use a new address in any subsequent transactions receive fund transaction.

Hurray! You have just succeeded in funding your Bitcoin wallet without getting scammed.
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