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How to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Galaxy C5/C7/C9

The C series is launched by Samsung only for the Chinese market. The three models have different sizes, all used ultra-thin metal unibody design. Different from the previous, the price of Samsung C series is more youth and has a more suitable performance for the young, those advantages let it insert into the mid market directly.

Well, have you prepare to buy a Galaxy C9? I think the first thing you want to do after buy one is transfer the contacts from your old Samsung to it. But we usually store many contacts data in our old phone, if we want to re-enter it to our new C9, it would be a very troublesome thing.

Therefore, have something can help us to do it easily?

Mobile Transfer is a useful tool for transferring data. It can transfer photos, text messages, videos, calendar and many other file types between Winphone, Android, iOS and Symbian and the data would not have any loss. Besides, Mobile Transfer can backup & restore your data and erase your old phone.


Steps to Transfer Contacts from Samsung to Galaxy C5/C7/C9

Step 1. Launch Mobile Trans and Choose the Mode

First of all, launch Mobile Trans and it will show you a window with some modes. Select the "Phone to Phone Transfer".


Step 2. Connect your Device

Then connect your two devices to computer with USB cables. The left side should be the source phone and the destination phone is on the right side. If you want to exchange their position, just need to click "Flip" button.

Step 3. Choose the Data and Transfer them

Now, choose the data you want to transfer to your new device by checking the box in front of them and then click the "Start Transfer" button. What's more, you can check the "Clear Data before Copy" box if you want to erase the new device before transferring.


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