Kamis, 13 Oktober 2016

Sprint, Sprint Foundation to Make Free Mobile Service Available to One Million High School Students

Sprint and the Sprint Foundation will help change the lives of one million high school students by giving them free mobile devices and free Internet access.

The One Million Project is supported in part by device donations from handset suppliers. Sprint and the Sprint Foundation will raise funds through special events, donation drives and other activities aimed at employees and customers, as well as company-owned, dealer, and national retail stores across the country.  

Sprint will work with non-profit agencies including EveryoneOn and My Brother’s Keeper Alliance which will help to recruit community organizations such as schools, libraries, public-housing authorities, and non-profits to deliver the devices and activate the mobile internet service, usable by students for up to four years in high school.

Each student may receive either a free smartphone, tablet, laptop or hotspot device and 3GB of high-speed LTE data per month.

Unlimited data is available at 2G speeds if usage exceeds 3GB in a month. Those who receive a smartphone can use it as a hotspot and for unlimited domestic calls and texts while on the Sprint network.
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