Senin, 10 Oktober 2016

Workplace Launches Facebook into Enterprise Collaboration

Workplace by Facebook, its enterprise tool for companies that allows workers to chat and collaborate with each other. Aside from the move into the enterprise collaboration space, Workplace is a subscription service, not an ad-suported service, representing a new business model for the product.

Available at no cost to educational or non-profit entities, Workplace is priced per user, based on the number of users at an organization, with fees ranging from $3 a month for entities with up to 1,000 active users, to $1 a month for entities with 10,001 users or more.

Workplace by Facebook started life as the internal system used by Facebook employees to share information relevant to their projects.

One of Workplace by Facebook’s core differentiators is the fact that it works well on smartphones and other mobile devices.
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